The Next Einstein Forum’s (NEF) Africa Science Week (ASW) will be Africa’s annual weeklong celebration of science and technology with thousands of individuals – from students, to scientists to technologists – actively engaging in coordinated science events across the continent throughout September, October and December 2019. ASW wants to encourage citizens to get involved, participate in the NEF’s 1mil1 campaign and become interested in science and technology, and how it impacts their daily lives. For this maiden edition, the NEF’s ASW will be held in 32 countries: Zambia, Sudan, Benin, Angola, Uganda, Guinea Bissau, Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe, the Gambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Cape Verde, Congo Brazzaville, Guinea, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon and Ivory Coast.

Led by NEF Ambassadors, this signature program is designed for many age groups and provides an opportunity for citizens to engage in everyday science. The program is designed to instil a curiosity of learning and interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pursuits among the public and allows young Africans, especially women and girls, to become excellent scientists and technologists.

NEF Ambassadors will work with local partners both in the academic and private sector to make it a success.

Looking to the Future, The NEF hopes to extend Africa Science Week to at least 35 countries in 2018 and all 54 by 2020. It is our hope that building strong partnerships with existing science organisations and pooling resources, we can create a truly meaningful and sustainable program that encourages entry and retention in STEM fields.

For more info or how you help us improve and expand Africa Science Week. Write to us nefambassadors@nef.org.


FOR ASW 2019

Women in Science Celebration

These activities will include honoring women in science in the different countries, inspiring talks to young girls by women in science, awarding best research from women. Most activities will include public nominations for the awards.

Science Caravans

In order to reach a large audience, science experiments, coding challenges and other science activities will be setup in several parts of the countries apart from the capital cities. NEF Africa Science Week is thriving to reach various audiences especially in rural areas.

Science Exhibitions

These exhibitions will showcase innovations by students, private companies and research institutions to inspire kids on what science is

Robotics and coding challenges

Organized for kids at different age ranges, these competitions will train kids into robotics and coding and support kids to create solutions using their newly acquired skills.

Science conferences

These conferences will have panels, poster session and scientists’ spotlights with theme that are customized by subjects that are relevant to the different countries. Some roundtables also will be held inviting policy makers, academia and other researchers.

Science & cocktails

With a spotlight on NEF Fellows or local prominent scientific innovators, these events provide an exchange between the scientific community and the private sector community in a relaxed cocktail environment.