04 November 2019







Hi, my name is Rose Mutiso

NEF Ambassador – Kenya

Dr. Rose M. Mutiso is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Mawazo Institute, which supports the next generation of female scholars and thought leaders in East Africa, and promotes public engagement with research. She is also the Research Director of the Energy for Growth Hub, and the current Next Einstein Forum Ambassador representing Kenya.  Rose has worked extensively as a researcher and practitioner focused on technology and policy dimensions of energy, environment and innovation issues globally. Most recently, her work has focused on power sector issues in Africa, particularly the links between renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy poverty.

She is a Materials Scientist by training with research experience in the fields of nanotechnology and polymer physics. Rose is passionate about harnessing science and technology to improve lives, and elevating women to positions of leadership and influence in African society. She earned her BA and BE in Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Materials Science from Dartmouth College, and her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.


Kenya is the fifth-largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, and it is widely seen as the economic and creative heart of East Africa. It is home to some of Africa’s leading and longest-running scientific institutions, from the Kenya Agricultural Institute (KARI) and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), to the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) and Nature Kenya. Kenya’s rich paleontological history has also made it famous as the site where some of the oldest human remains on record have been discovered. More recently, Kenya has emerged as a leading hub for technological innovation in Africa with its a high rate of mobile penetration, its world-leading innovations in mobile money, its growing ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship, and its national commitment to forward-looking ICT policy.

Despite all of these achievements, science engagement remains vital in Kenya. As in other places on the continent, leaders in Kenya lack access to high quality scientific research on local issues, the percentage of national GDP spent on research and development is below the world average, there are not enough active researchers to meet the country’s development needs, and the scientific research Kenya produces does not have the reach and impact it deserves.





Women In Science Leadership Breakfast

8:00 – 11:30

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Hosted for the first time in 2018, the Women in Science Leadership Breakfast features a moderated panel discussion with senior women professionals sharing their experiences and insights from their careers in science. Panel discussions are followed by a Q&A and networking session. The event is limited to women participants only, providing a rare opportunity for African women in science to meet, become formally acquainted, and discuss topics of mutual interest and benefit, while growing their professional networks. In 2019, ASW-K will focus its discussion on opportunities for women in science, while engaging partners with a shared vision for improving Kenya’s science and research capabilities. As part of the breakfast, ASW-K will also feature an “Under 30: Breaking Barriers” session that invites successful, under 30 female scientists, who are part of our 2019 Faces of Kenyan Science (FOKS), to share stories of how they are using science, technology, and innovation for socio-economic development. With this 2019 campaign and the break out session, we hope to celebrate less accomplished female scientists while validating their current work. Throughout the event, ASW-K will also honor female scientist’s whose contributions have shaped Africa’s and Kenya’s scientific landscape through branding and incorporated storytelling. The Breakfast will be a free but ticketed event given venue capacity limitations.



Girls in STEM Career Day for High School Girls

9:00 – 4:30

Riara University

In an effort to encourage uptake and understanding of science among young girls, ASW-Kenya will conduct a one-day career expo highlighting women and careers in STEM for high-school aged girls considering their long term careers. As Mawazo CEO, Dr. Rose Mutiso will draw on Mawazo’s network of female scientists, community leaders, and women-led institutions working in STEM to attract female scientist mentors for the day-long career expo. To further increase the impact of the career day, ASW-Kenya will reach out to corporations working within STEM. This includes well-known companies such as Lancet laboratories, DHL, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Airtel, Phillips, Kenya Airways, and Agha Khan Hospital, who will be invited to share the crucial role STEM plays in the success of their businesses, while highlighting different careers options available to scientists within their companies. Specifically, ASW-K will engage female scientists working within these companies who can provide real life examples to students. The event will target up to 100 high school aged girls drawn from Nairobi and its environs and will feature informal presentations, exhibitor booths, meet-and-greets, and participatory science activities for students. Meet a Scientist will provide an opportunity for young girls to interact with local female Kenyan scientists, institutions, and corporations working in STEM, while providing practical guidance for students who may be considering careers in STEM. In this way, ASW-Kenya hopes to encourage the participation of young girls in STEM, create opportunities for mentorship within the local ecosystem, and strengthen the pipeline of African women in STEM.



Science and Tech Mixer

6:00 – 8:30

K1 Club Round House

This informal event is targeted at local scientists, academics, scholars, researchers, techpreneurs, innovators, and the general public. The event will be held at a popular Nairobi location/informal venue and will open with screening of a short African film/documentary that speaks to the importance of science in addressing the continent’s challenges. We intend to create a casual evening of cross-disciplinary conversation that will feature five-minute lightning talks with up to six local thought leaders whose field of work is re-shaping Kenyan society and culture – while providing solutions to local challenges. Lightning talks will be followed by a brief Q&A held in a panel style format that invites all our speakers to share the stage. To increase audience engagement during the event, attendees will be polled on their knowledge of topics in and asked to vote on the winning solution presented. A nominal prize will be awarded to the winner. Through this approach, we hope to show how science, technology, and innovation is changing our African identities, marrying science to Kenyan culture. The Science and Tech mixer will also be an opportunity for professionals to expand their networks, while creating room for new partnerships within Kenya’s science ecosystem. The event will be free to attend with ticketed reservations due to capacity limitations.



Faces of Kenyan Science & Science Kibao E-Books & Campaigns


In 2018, ASW-Kenya created the “Faces of Kenyan Science” and “Science Kibao” campaigns. Faces of Kenyan Science was a nationwide multi-media and multi-platform campaign featuring 20 exceptional Kenyan researchers, practitioners, innovators, educators, tinkerers and makers of all stripes. The Science Kibao (Kibao is a Kiswahili slang word that roughly translates into “a lot”) campaign compiled some of the most compelling and surprising achievements in Kenya’s scientific history into a social media campaign and e-book showing Kenya’s impressive contributions to the global scientific enterprise. In 2019, ASW-Kenya seeks 10 impressive under 30 women to profile for our Faces of Kenyan Science Women campaign through an open-call nomination process. We will also reproduce our 2019 campaigns digitally, while promoting both e-books for free download through our platforms. Through this campaign, we will educate the public on Kenya’s long history of scientific excellence, encouraging the celebration of science as a central part of Kenyan identity. Further, ASW-Kenya will encourage public participation in the campaign by asking users/followers/listeners to share their own Faces of Kenyan Science and incredible (known and unknown) scientific accomplishments by local scientists under the hashtags #FaceOfKenyanScience and #ScienceKibao. The Faces of Kenyan Science and Science Kibao campaigns will also be incorporated within other ASW-Kenya events. In particular, ASW-K will encourage participating schools in the career expo to use the free e-books for continued learning within their science curriculums and should funding become available, printed copies may also be made available to participating schools and local public libraries.


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